Sunday, April 06, 2008

April 2008

The year is flying by with Term 1 almost finished. Life is busy in the McKay household, but we're managing to juggle everything.

Niall's year is going well, with bible studies, worship, guest preaching, Easter Camp pastoral care, assignments for Uni, meetings in Sydney, but with some fun things like the Harbour swim, Lake Swim and the swim leg of a triathalon. His knee is healing well, even enough to do jogs and rides and play a bit of soccer for the team he is coaching again (Jesmond Park UCA).

Fiona (it's me writing!) is enjoying her 2 days work and still manages to get to meditation, choir (just round the corner from work) on Wednesdays, and doing swimming and walking/jogging. I struggled through Lent, having given up cake and dessert, but has helped with maintaining my weight!

Laura is enjoying ballet and takes every opportunity to do the splits (the IGA checkout is not a great place for that!) or at least talk about it. She's doing really well at school and has made some new friends from the Grade 2's in her class, as well as kept her old friends. She just got her Superstar award (for 15 merit awards) and has been reading constantly including a collection of Roald Dahl books Niall bought for her. Swimming and piano are still going well (although she prefers ballet!).

Connor is coming more into his own as he communicates more about Thomas and what he 'needs' (high on the list are Tidmouth Sheds and a level crossing). He's enjoying Preschool; his teachers say he's very quiet, but he does participate in everything and keeps smiling all the time. Connor is loving music classes with Shirley and his singing and rhythm are really coming along.

We all made it to Easter Camp for at least one day (Niall was there the whole time). The kids had a ball playing with everyone and for the first time they were confident to do their own thing without mum or dad's watchful eye. How blissful!

We're looking forward to the school holidays in a week's time, and Fi and Niall are looking forward to a few days away in May to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. A break in the madness!

Keep tuned for future updates... they happen sporadically!