Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Laura has started Kindergarten at Jesmond Public School. She has had a great week (although a few tears this morning when mum dropped her off!) and loves it all! Laura has several friends from preschool at her new school. Her teacher is Mrs Beckett - in class KB. It is a very small school, but seems very friendly and welcoming.

Connor has started music appreciation classes by himself this year. He's had one lesson and loves it! He is continuing swimming lessons (although there are still lots of tears for mummy - I'm sure it's a ploy - Fi).

Fiona has finished working for NCYC, so is back to full time mum, but with only Connor at home! She is readjusting to the changes again and planning a few things she's been wanting to do before looking for work again later in the year.

Niall is launching into the Uni year with 2 new Mission Workers appointed in Jan and Orientation Week next week at Newcastle Uni.

We're looking forward to some holidays this year - 1 week in Coffs Harbour in May and 5 weeks in South Africa in Sept/Oct. And hopefully visiting Bathurst in the next school holidays - we'll keep you posted!

December/Jan were a very busy time for us with Christmas celebrations, birthdays (Laura, Fi, Hilary Evans - 60th, Ange - 30th) and NCYC. NCYC went really well - we had a fantastic time, although we were exhausted when it was over. The kids went really well spending time with their grandparents, which gave us room to focus on our work. One really big celebration was Murray and Yvette's wedding on 27th Jan in Goulburn. So all in all it has been a big 2 months!

Let us know what you've been up to.

Fi, Niall, Laura and Connor McKay