Saturday, February 02, 2008

First day at School 2008

Well the holidays are over and school has started. Connor started his first day of Preschool on Wednesday at Jesmond Community Preschool (Laura's old Preschool). He loved it and didn't want to come home! Laura started 1st Class and has Mr Culhane, which she is very happy about. She's in 1/2C (most of the classes are composites because it is a small school).

So we're back in the swing of school - now it's mum's turn to go back to work! Fiona starts at GHD in Newcastle next week, working two days a week (normally Tues/Wed), as an Environmental Scientist.

O Week starts the following week for Niall at the Uni, so it's going to be a busy few weeks as we all get into the routine! We did have a wonderful Christmas holidays - the kids went to Gran's for a whole week and Niall went up for a few days too, so Fi had a week without kids and 3 days without Niall as well! It was great to all be back together again though, and when it was fine we had a great time swimming and playing.


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