Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pieke - Twin Peaks in Jonkershoek Reserve

Niall joined a local mountaineering club for a walk up the Twin Peaks at Jonkershoek Reserve, not far from our house. The group started at 7:00 am and ended at 7:00 pm! They were up the top at about 11.30am, but took a more meandering route down again! 12 hours and 15km of Spectacular hiking/climbing to the summit of Pieke.

The climb started with some steep rock scrambling along a river and then got interesting with some nice exposure. This route would be impossible to figure out without a guide. At one point near the summit, we had to pass through a tunnel/arch to exit the mountain for the descent. Wonderful ocean and mountain views from the top (1500m).

The group was very international including American, Libyan, German, French, Namibian and Niall.


At 8:11 am, Blogger Diana said...

Love the pics, and I like the comment about all the different nationalities and Niall.

At 10:38 am, Anonymous Sue Rankin said...

It sounds like you're all having a fabulous time on your big adventure. I'm so happy for you all! Hope everything continues to go well, and that the work issue resolves itself soon. xxx

At 10:20 pm, Anonymous Nigel & Debbie said...

Sounds like you're making everyone envious of your adventures, keep enjoying. Keep up the photos and News I love it, take care.


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